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Dental Technology

Our office utilizes the newest proven technologies to provide you with the best in oral health care.

Digital x-rays allow us to enlarge and more accurately measure & diagnose any oral conditions.

Rotary endodontics provides a more thorough cleaning of root canals and has been proven to minimize costly re-treatment. Electric handpieces are quieter and faster cutting than traditional air driven handpieces.

Composite fillings are stronger than ever before and can help bond a cracked tooth together.

Drs. Chown, Botsford & McQuarrie use dental loupes and LED lighting that allow them to magnify and visualize even the smallest of details.

Intra oral cameras take images which allow you to see exactly what the dentist is seeing. It serves as both a diagnostic and educational tool.


digital orthophotos panorex
Digital Orthophotos XG plus Panorex / Cephalometric Unit

digital radiographic image
Digital Radiographic Image